BGTech’s approach to program and contract administration of the Seaport-e IDIQ contract allows Braxton-Grant to manage effectively and efficiently Seaport-e and other contracts. BGTech utilizes lessons learned from managing other contracts of similar size and scope. These lessons learned have allowed BGTech to implement successful and repeatable processes that result in cost savings for the customer. The following approach assures the high standards and quality of the Seaport-e contract will be maintained.

BGTech has a proven Contract Management approach to handle the many components of a large IDIQ contract such as Seaport-e. We will ensure that:

  1. qualified and professional individuals are in place to support all TOs
  2. all deliverables meet the appropriate performance standards
  3. all work and work products are performed to the highest quality
  4. all BGTech personnel assigned to tasks obtain and maintain the appropriate clearance level


Management Processes

BGTech has a well-defined method for accomplishing high quality project management. Immediately upon award, BGTech collaborates with the customer to establish the baseline approach for project management. Internally, BGTech utilizes several project management tools to help build the framework of the tasks and responsibilities. We will use the tools designated by each customer on a case by case basis.

Under our approach, BGTech assigns a Project Manager (PM) to each TO. This individual will be located based on the particular task either at the customer site or contractor site. The PM is fully responsible for technical execution of his/her individual project.

Based on our experience in successfully managing contracts, BGTech knows that successful management and execution of large IDIQs such as the Seaport-e contract requires a dedicated Program Management Infrastructure. This Infrastructure provides effective management processes and tools to ensure that:

  1. Risk is identified and mitigated for each TO;
  2. Schedules are created and tracked;
  3. Fiscal responsibility is exercised;
  4. Reports, communications, and deliverables are accurate and timely

Successful management and execution will require the strong corporate leadership of BGTech and of any subcontractors be actively engaged and supportive so that we can deliver the best team of highly qualified staff to execute both the Seaport-e contract and individual TOs. These items executed properly will ensure that BGTech is able to monitor and maximize the quality results Seaport-e customers expect – proactive, responsive, repeatable, cost-effective, and successful contract execution.

BGTech’s processes cover FFP, T&M, Performance Based, and Cost Reimbursement type contracts. PMs will carefully plan and manage the TOs on time and on budget. We recognize the Navy’s initiative to move towards Performance Based contracts and feel our approach and proven, repeatable processes, can meet the demands of this initiative.

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