Cybersecurity solutions from Braxton-Grant address the following issues:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud

We offer a Security Operations Center for small and medium sized business that is fully functional and provides 24/7 support. We also offer solutions specifically designed for advanced threats typical of cyber defense.

Identity & Access Management

We believe in Zero Trust when it comes to privilege access. We work with customers on password management, privilege access management, identity management and auditing/monitoring.

Vulnerability Management

We help customers take a proactive approach to managing their own network security by reducing any likelihood that existing flaws in code or design can compromise the security of an endpoint or network.

Network and Data Security

We understand that network and data boundaries have expanded outside of the traditional corporate boundaries of wireless, VPN and firewalls. The boundaries now include cloud and remote laptops, tablets, phones, etc. We work with customers to understand their high valued data, data access methods and risk, to support building the right security framework for their needs.

SSL Visibility

Provide visibility into encrypted traffic to protect against advanced threats.


No project is the same

What we’ve learned while working with government agencies and private corporations is that every organization is different. While there are certain similarities, we’ve learned to listen carefully. Each facility has its own risks, its own vulnerabilities, and specific compliance requirements.

We listen and learn how you work, what you do and who your customers are. We probe. We ask questions. And in the end, we get to know your organization pretty well. This detailed discovery process equips us with a thorough knowledge of your situation.
We are then able to provide guidance on the following:

  • Product options, including both hardware and software
  • Licensing needs
  • Technical support needs

Why Braxton-Grant?

Certainly, there are other companies you can work with. In truth, you could go to more than one company for your solution. But rather than shop around, research the products yourself, hire a separate company for training and another one to build your solution, Braxton-Grant offers a full, highly integrated, professional staff with the knowledge and education to install, implement and maintain an effective solution specifically designed for your needs.

In short, we make it easy

No matter how complex your environment, we can take the pain out of the decision-making process. Here are some of the benefits to working with Braxton-Grant when choosing your cybersecurity and IT solution.

Competitive, Accurate and Timely Quotes

We make sure you get the right information the first time. And because of the premium relationships we have with the best-in-class vendors, you not only get the best solution, but the best pricing.

Easy To Work With

We already have access to major contract vehicles, so we not only make it easy, but we do it seamlessly.

Intelligent Engineers With Practical Experience

Our engineers are equipped with expert product knowledge. We know the details on upgrades and bug fixes and we pride ourselves on knowing what new technologies are available to improve performance and protection. When we deliver a quote to you, we identify any potential software or aging equipment that might need replacement.

Hassle-Free Renewals

Few things are more annoying than missing renewal dates, expiring renewal dates or missed opportunities. With Braxton-Grant, you don’t have to worry. We’re experts in dealing with renewals and co-terming for multi-vendor systems. It’s another way we make things easier.

Advisors You Can Trust

As you use your system, as you expand on its capabilities, you can trust Braxton-Grant to give you expert advice. We stay current – we know the pluses and minuses of any emerging technologies – and with our current understanding of your legacy systems, we give you advice on products that will work.

Validated Solutions

We have a lab where we do proof-of-concept testing and development. It’s a lab that is available to our clients too. Your solution is thoroughly tested for functionality and interoperability – no matter how complex the solution.

Flexible Training

You decide how you want your training delivered. Choose from lunch-and-learn sessions, to webinars; review technology briefings or schedule comprehensive on-site training. Whatever you need, we can get you up and running quickly on new equipment and new applications.