Enterprise IT Challenges

Cloud based enterprise
applications on the rise

Productivity & Business apps: Office 365, G-suite, Salesforce etc.
Challenges: Ensure QoE, manage cost, troubleshoot hybrid environments

Network complexity growth

Manageability: Application distribution, branches, hybrid networks, many-to-many application interactions, IoT.
Challenges: Cost, network efficiency, operational burden, troubleshooting

Shadow IT &

Shadow IT: Non-governed devices, Unsanctioned applications
Challenges: Corporate data leakage, backdoors, recreational traffic

Enterprise security threats on the rise

Web threats: phishing, malware ransomware, DDOS threats
Challenges: financial loss, reputation damage

Allot Secure Service Gateway is a platform that combines the functionality of Allot Service Gateway with a powerful web security system, Allot WebSafe Business, to deliver comprehensive network visibility, security, and control in a single, scalable appliance. Allot Secure Service Gateway enables enterprises to enhance productivity and protect their networks and users against DDoS attacks and web threats at a significantly lower TCO than what is available today.

Allot Secure Service Gateway has been designed specifically with business in mind. It provides the most efficient combination of analytics, policy enforcement and bandwidth management, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency and quality of experience for all network users. Allot Secure Service Gateway achieves this through a combination of:

  • App & User Visibility & Control
  • QoS Traffic Shaping
  • Traffic Steering
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Containment
  • Web Security

Architecture, Visibility Control &
Secure to the entire Enterprise

  • See what’s running on your network
  • Prioritize business apps
  • Prevent abuse of network resources for personal use
  • QoE and application-based congestion management
  • Web Security and anti-malware
  • DDoS protection

Furthermore, Allot Secure Service Gateway has a scalable architecture allowing the central management of devices at a single location or thousands.

Braxton-Grant is partnering with Allot to support customers new to Allot and those transitioning to Allot.

Why us:

  1. Certified engineers on Symantec PacketShaper
  2. Certified engineers on Allot SSG
  3. Seamless support in migration from PacketShaper to Allot SSG
  4. Over 12 years of deployment and architecture experience
  5. Ability to provide cleared support

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