Education from Engineering Experts in the Field

Your solution is only as effective as the people who use it. Let’s face it, learning any new system takes time. There can be a lot of down time and researching “work-arounds” and fixes online; or, you can learn from people who have experience working in the cybersecurity world. Our professionals can make the implementation and administration processes simple and painless. 

Why Braxton-Grant?

Training By Experts

Our team of active solution engineers provide architecture and engineering services throughout design, documentation, and deployment. Our instructors are the same engineers working in the field, offering ongoing support, solution analysis, and issues troubleshooting. 

Federally Authorized Training Centers

Our vendors often use Braxton-Grant engineers for their own training. We are the only federally authorized training center for Symantec and the #1 authorized training center for Symantec’s Web and Cloud solutions. Additionally, we are the only official Sidewinder/Forcepoint Enterprise Firewall training facility. 

Custom Course Development

Your cybersecurity solution is multi-faced, complex, and intrinsic to your mission. No problem. We can develop a course, including materials, that best fits your needs. Our lab is open to those employees who like to attend classes prior to seeking certification in various areas. It’s training for you, no matter the level of support you need. 

Personalized Student Experiences

We don’t just read the slides. As one of our students, you will receive real-world experience from our experts. Braxton-Grant is proud to provide ongoing education in the form of lunch-and-learn sessions, webinars, technology briefings, and group/one-on-one training. Our goal is to keep your team current and informed. 

We want to become an extension of your team, work toward your goals, and be a trusted resource with deep experience that you can leverageReach out to us today and let us be your advisory partner.