AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure  

This course teaches IT Professionals how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, administer the infrastructure, configure virtual networking, connect Azure and on premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create, and scale virtual machines, implement web apps and containers, back up and share data, and monitor your solution. 

Course Outline: 

  • Deploy and update apps in Azure App Service, implement App Service authentication and authorization, configuring app settings, scale apps, and how to use deployment slots. 
  • Create and deploy Azure Functions and utilize bindings and triggers to interact with other Azure services. 
  • Create Azure Blob storage resources, manage data through the blob storage lifecycle, and work with containers and items by using the Azure Blob storage client library V12 for .NET. 
  • Develop solutions integrating Azure Cosmos DB resources with the appropriate consistency levels, and perform data operations by using the .NET SDK V3 for Azure Cosmos DB. 
  • Implement authentication and authorization to resources by using the Microsoft identity platform, Microsoft Authentication Library, shared access signatures, and use Microsoft Graph. 
  • Securely deploy apps in Azure by using Azure Key Vault, managed identities, and Azure App Configuration. 
  • Implement the Azure API Management service to transform and secure APIs, and how to create a backend API. 
  • Build applications with event-based architectures by integrating Azure Event Grid and Azure Event Hubs into their solutions. 
  • Build applications with message-based architectures by integrating Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage into their solutions. 
  • Explain how Azure Monitor operates, how Application Insights collects events and metrics, and how to instrument apps to monitor and troubleshoot issues. 
  • Improve the performance and scalability of applications by integrating Azure Cache for Redis and Azure Content Delivery Network into solutions


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