Launching your Zero Trust Architecture in Wake of Government Executive Order & Ransomware Attacks

In light of frequent malicious, public cyber attacks, the recent Biden Administration Executive Order highlights the need for adopting certain security measures, such as the Zero Trust Architecture. And for government agencies, adopting the Zero Trust architecture is required within 60 days following order issuance.

In this webinar, Braxton-Grant Technologies and Forcepoint discuss assuming Zero Trust and give personalized guidance in launching Zero Trust solutions based on where you are currently in maturity.


Victor Martinez – Senior Solutions Engineering Manager, Forcepoint

Aileen Hudspeth – Senior Cybersecurity Architect, Braxton-Grant Technologies

Sponsored by ImmixGroup, Inc.

From this webinar you will…

  • Understand Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Key Concepts in relation to the Biden Administration Executive Order.
  • Apply Executive Order takeaway tasks to recent ransomware attacks.
  • Review Zero Trust and SASE solutions for your organization.
  • Build your own Zero Trust Architecture Plan using our ZTA Assessment!

Watch the Recording

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