Data Backup and Recovery Ensure Business Continuity

In the modern business world, the importance of data can’t be understated. It drives innovation, provides key performance metrics, and helps you make strategic decisions. Because data plays such an important role in the function of your business, you need to do everything you can to protect it. In many cases, the data you store contains sensitive information that can be exploited during a data breach. This can wreak havoc on your critical business functions, negatively impact your customer relationships, or even land you in legal hot water.

At Braxton-Grant Technologies, we understand data management and its importance in sustaining successful business practices. That’s why we offer custom data backup, recovery, and encryption solutions.

We provide you with a secure, resilient computing environment for your data management processes by addressing the root causes of your data issues. Instead of focusing on symptomatic problems, we perform a deep dive into your operating system and implement long-term data backup and recovery solutions.

Maintain Security Within Your Business Processes

While understanding data management and its importance is essential for business continuity, you need a full suite of cybersecurity measures to prevent catastrophic loss and disruption. Discover Braxton-Grant Technologies’ comprehensive approach to managed cybersecurity and find out how we can secure your business today.

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Our Comprehensive Data Management Services

Data Backup and Patch Management

Data backup and patch management are critical components of a resilient data environment. You can avoid disruptions and extended downtime when you backup your data across multiple data centers or the cloud. These secondary and tertiary data warehouses allow you to quickly restore data in an emergency, whether from a natural disaster, power outage, or security breach. Braxton-Grant Technologies helps you implement failover servers that allow you to respond quickly, recover your data, and return to uptime.

In addition, we provide patch management services that keep your software up-to-date and prevent threat actors from exploiting aging operating systems. During our patch management process, we actively monitor your operating systems and perform required updates to provide your system with the latest data security measures. This way, you can work with peace of mind knowing that your software is successfully protecting your data from malicious users.

Data Encryption

At Braxton-Grant Technologies, we know that data is your business’s most valuable asset. If it falls into the wrong hands, your entire business can be at risk. Being able to encrypt and decrypt your sensitive business information is a critical part of managing your data—that’s why we provide extensive data encryption services that make your data impossible to read without the proper decryption key.

We can help you encrypt individual files, folders, or even your entire disk to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

File Integrity Monitoring

Braxton-Grant Technologies also monitors file integrity to ensure that your files remain secure. This form of data management is important because it allows you to detect illicit activity, discover unintended file changes, monitor overall system health, and meet compliance regulations. In a cyberattack, our file integrity monitoring software alerts you to suspicious changes made to critical files or applications. It also highlights any file or system changes made inadvertently by employees, which can create gaps in your security protocol.

File integrity monitoring software also shows you if your files have been patched and updated to the latest version, which is essential for your system’s health and meeting regulatory mandates such as GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Log Management

Understanding your operating system can be challenging. Your business gathers a large volume of data from various sources, making it difficult to optimize overall system performance, identify technical issues, and strengthen your security posture.

Braxton-Grant Technologies provides exceptional log management services that systematically sort, process, synthesize, and analyze data from disparate sources and programs. Our log management allows you to:

  • Collect Data – Aggregate data from your operating system, servers, endpoints, and more into one centralized repository.
  • Monitor Data – Track data events and activity, including the time and location of their occurrence.
  • Analyze Data – Proactive analysis based on log data helps you identify bugs and potential security risks.
  • Retain Data – Designate how long specific data pieces should be retained within the log.
  • Index Data – Search through or filter log data to find relevant information.
  • Report Data – Automate reports to determine operational performance, security, and compliance.

Why Choose Braxton-Grant Technologies for Data Management Services?

At Braxton-Grant Technologies, we understand that data management is important to the success of your business. Our expert team of engineers is available around the clock to help you navigate technical issues relating to data storage, backups and recovery, encryption, and file monitoring. No matter what data issues you encounter, we’ll be there to resolve them swiftly and professionally.

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Managing your data doesn’t have to be a complex and overwhelming process. With Braxton-Grant Technologies, you can reap the benefits of a secure, streamlined data environment without breaking a sweat. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and determine how we can provide custom solutions for your data needs.

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