Anne Arundel County

Braxton-Grant Technologies, Inc. was awarded a contract for the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle with Anne Arundel County Office of Information Technology (IT) for procurement of professional support services on 05 June 2018.

The contract, which runs through June 2024, pre-qualifies Braxton-Grant Technologies to receive purchase orders in the following Functional Areas:

IT Management Consulting Services: including any of the following types of services: IT enterprise architecture, systems review for architectural consistency, strategic planning assistance, project management services, Master Contractor assessments and risk assessment analysis. This could include Cutting edge initiatives involving use or evaluation of latest technologies. These include but are not limited to the latest developments in mobile, data mining, Management Information (MI) reporting, Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, CRM tools, Web and non-Web technologies, and Cloud computing

Network & Telecom Engineering Services: to provide full life cycle of a network & telecommunications system development. Process definition; requirements management (project planning, quality assurance, project tracking and oversight, organizational process focus); metrics; process assessments; network capability evaluations; project management; certification; validation and verification; open systems; architecture; reengineering; systems reuse; component-based systems; telecom & network security; supervising configuration management for wired and wireless systems including but not limited to Wi-Fi, VoIP, mobile devices and radio based systems.

Hardware /Software Provider Services: to supply HW & Software for desktop, network, servers, user interface, mobile solutions, and other technology HW & SW needs.

Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance Services: including Data Center Technical Support/Operations and Help Desk related activities.

Information System Security Services: for the security of information, data, and computing resources at all organizational levels; including software/application and data security support, as well as disaster recovery planning and risk assessment.