What is ATP?

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides solutions that prevent, detect, and notify you of advanced threats, including through email, mobile, social, and desktop. The main goal of ATP is to provide security against new attacks that are specifically designed to surpass security common security solutions.

The Mitre ATT&CK model is often used to protect against the chain of attack. ATT&CK was created so the cybersecurity community had a knowledge base of techniques and sub-techniques to defend threats based on real-world observations.

Three Primary Goals of ATP:

  • Early Detection
  • Adequate Protection

  • Response

Components of ATP solutions offer:

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Context of Alert

  • Data Awareness

Endpoint Detection Response

An Endpoint Detection Response records and stores endpoint system-level behaviors, detects suspicious system behavior, provides contextual information, blocks malicious activity, and provides remediation suggestions to restore affected systems.

Next Generation Firewall

A Next Generation Firewall is an intrusion prevention system that includes advanced security features such as application control, threat intelligence feeds, URL filtering, and traffic shaping.

Patch Management

Patch Management distributes and applies updates to software.

Email Security

Email security describes the techniques and functions intended to keep sensitive communication in email secure, preventing unauthorized access, loss, or compromise.

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How does Braxton-Grant help?

As a trusted IT advisor, we create the best solution for you no matter where you are in the process of adding ATP to your security environment. Every company will need to adapt parts, if not all, of the ATP solutions to keep up with the modern workplace. We are here to implement quickly and identify & resolve hidden gaps in your network.

Where are you in the process of implementing ATP?

Looking to establish your ATP coverage? As a vendor agnostic certified reseller, we will… 

  • Assist in defining your organization’s use cases as it applies to ATP and/or IDaaS. 
  • Identify vendor solutions based on your defined company or organization requirements. 
  • Support POC evaluation and configuration as you evaluate possible vendors. 

If you have some components in place but need support for specific products, people, or evaluation to finish the process, we will… 

  • Understand organizational use case requirements. 
  • Define outstanding needs and recommend a path moving forward for the timeline that has been identified. 
  • Audit current installation of products and assist in resolving any areas of improvement.
  • Recommend vendors that will help you close the gap.
  • Provide the help of experienced engineers to get you across the finish line. 

Looking for a third-party review or need to validate your system with additional compliance? We will… 

  • Provide an audit of your current cybersecurity systems. 
  • Help you align with other compliance requirements such as NIST, CMMC, or HIPAA. 
  • Not totally satisfied with your current solution’s performance? We will… 
  • Provide an audit on your current solution and make recommendations for improvement based on your findings. 
  • Recommend vendors that will better fit your needs. 

We can help get you to the next level!

Our Vendor Partners

The way you do business is unique to you, and your security existence should reflect that. No matter where you are in the world or whether you have employees on-premises, hybrid, or remote, we work with a variety of partners so we can apply the best products and solutions for you.

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