Healthcare Solutions

As healthcare organizations modernize and transfer their services to web-based applications, the data becomes more vulnerable. Critical information must be kept confidential – including lab results, patient health data and billing. The data protection end solution must secure the confidentiality and integrity of patient records even while maintaining its availability to those authorized for access.

We are passionate in our commitment to the healthcare industry. We leverage our experience with the Department of Defense, as well as vendor and industry best practices, to enable the healthcare community to focus on patient comfort. Our culture of listen, understand, and support with excellence is vital to the healthcare industry.

The benefits of our healthcare solutions include:

  • Security of sensitive information such as patient PII throughout its lifecycle.
  • Secure and rapid delivery of applications, either web-based medical or healthcare applications, or access to health information exchange portals through direct means or via SSL-VPN.
  • Availability of bio-medical data analytics.
  • Integration with healthcare communication environments.
  • Inclusion of information critical to the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Support with FEMA and other first responder organizations.
  • Proof of concept testing for health information technology solutions.
  • Regulation compliance in areas including PCI, MHRA, HIPAA, and HITECH.
  • Cost control or reduction associated with bandwidth utilization.
  • Insight into network activity – including application behavior and potential vulnerability concerns.
  • Prioritization of risk management.
  • Facilitated budget projections.