A scientist looking at a DNA sequence
We help you protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient records.

We understand the healthcare industry faces cyber threats such as ransomware and malware, which can leave patient information vulnerable. Our data protection solutions help secure patient records while still maintaining its availability to those authorized for access.

Our commitment to the healthcare industry is a commitment to keeping your critical information guarded – from lab tests to patient billing. Let us focus on proactive security so you can focus on patient comfort.

A scientist looking at a DNA sequence

Braxton-Grant Helps You:

  • Secure patient PII data.

  • Rapidly deliver web-based medical and healthcare applications or compute access to health information via SSL-VPN.

  • Integrate with healthcare communication environments.

  • Interpret bio-medical data analytics.

  • Include information critical to the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Support with FEMA and other first responder organizations.

  • Test proof of concept for health information technology solutions.

  • Regulate compliance in areas including PCI, MHRA, HIPAA, and HITECH.

  • Control costs associated with bandwidth utilization and facilitate budget projections.

  • Gain insight into network activity – including application behavior and potential vulnerability concerns.

  • Prioritize risk management.

How we Serve Healthcare Institutions

How we Serve Healthcare Institutions

Our Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Endpoint – Ransomware protection for web and email

SASE- Embracing Zero Trust

Identity Access Management (IAM)


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