What Clients Say About Working With Braxton-Grant Technologies

“To say that the CSSE service provided by BGT is invaluable is an understatement. We have utilized several Broadcom suites over the years with the primary being the proxy suite. …to have BGT come in,
actually see how we utilize the product, and provide tailored support vastly helps us in bettering our understanding and operation of the system. The annual face to face technical exchanges have been an
absolute game changer for us and we simply have not had this level of support from any of our other vendors.”
Senior Systems Engineer, Department of Defense (DoD) Projects
“. . . Out of all the years working with various vendors who support us, the CSSE service provided by BGT is the best I or we have ever had. BGT has some of the most knowledgeable and service support people
I have ever worked with.”
Senior Software Engineer, Department of Defense (DoD) Projects
“I just wanted to take a second and say thanks for all the support you and your team provide to support our mission. We have multiple other subcontractors who provide assistance but your team is at the top as far as unwavering assistance and sheer dedication to assist us in our time of need. We run a pretty complex network with lots of nuanced requirements. BGT always works hand in hand with our
Engineers and Architects to ensure solutions are built to fit our environment and needs while maintaining compliance along the way. You guys rock .”
Network Product Team Lead, Department of Defense (DoD) Projects
“[BGT Cybersecurity Engineer’s] expertise and support were critical to a mission client . . . [BGT Cybersecurity Engineer] worked tirelessly with our Sustainment PM to quickly resolve connectivity issues that had been escalated to a very high level operationally, such that . . . [the Customer] Chief verbally recommended us last week. [BGT Cybersecurity Engineer] is a phenomenal talent and we appreciate the
vast contributions to our team.”
Prime Program Manager, Department of Defense (DoD) Projects
“Braxton Grant provides Symantec’s Federal and Commercial customers with trained, experienced and cleared professional services engineers. For the past 12 years, [BGT} has invested in onsite continuous education not only with their own staff, but they are also willing to train, educate and assist with any and all Symantec customer requests.”
Master Service Agreement Representative, Broadcom Federal, State/Local and Commercial Business Support
“The services provided by Braxton-Grant have truly been superb throughout our project!
Security Engineer, Information Assurance and Security Division, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB), (TESS) Program
“Impeccable transition! Your proactive transition team anticipated challenges, collaborated, adapted, and developed workable solutions better than veteran PTO vendors, despite the fact this is your first PTO
contract. Your successful execution of all aspects of onboarding (security, badging, invoicing, IT equipment, knowledge transfer, reporting) achieved 24X7X365 operational authority from the incumbent vendor in 25 working days with zero system outages. You delivered as your proposal promised!”
Director, PTO Vendor Management Division, United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) Transition Management – Federal Civilian Agency
“Thank you very much, we appreciate the support and {BGT Engineer} has done an excellent job and has worked really well with our team.”
Manager, Telecommunications Section, Federal Aviation Administration
“I . . . wanted to relay to you all again what an extremely OUTSTANDING job your folks have done here in KSA. I’m certain it was just another task as normal for all of us, but this team has made some serious waves throughout the RSAF. So much to where the Cyber Security folks are asking their commanding General to extend our team. Additionally, the quick results our team has accomplished and the professionalism we displayed has definitely made a statement. This is a direct result of this unique opportunity to extend 1 month. It will likely lead to some-level of your team’s involvement in future RSAF integration efforts. As more of this materializes, we’ll get with you on what/how we can utilize each of your team’s expertise. Again, thank you to your company, its leaders, and especially to you and your outstanding team members. Collectively we have made this CCSS effort a huge success and have exceeded most everyone’s (except ours-of course) expectations. Cheers.”
Project Manager, DAWSON Prime, CCSS Collaborative Effort With The Royal Saudi Airforce (RSAF)

Cybersecurity Technology Training

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the valuable insights and knowledge I gained from the recent course. It has been instrumental in enhancing my capabilities, and I am already incorporating the newly acquired skills into my work.”
Cybersecurity Implementation and Support Engineer, Soluciones Telmex