Financial Services Solutions

Compliance is probably the most influential driver in enabling access to financial transactions. Financial organizations must adhere to recognized security standards to protect sensitive monetary data and at the same time, provide proof of doing so for any potential or mandated audits. Network operations centers need to be confident in the security and reliability of integrated technologies, so attention can also be provided to improving delivery of financial data through acceleration and optimization.

Braxton-Grant has a deep commitment to the Financial Services industry. We leverage our experience with the Department of Defense, as well as vendor and industry best practices, to create solutions that are effective and compliant. As a result, our clients in the Financial Services industry can singularly focus on financial transactions with customers and business partners. Our culture of listen, understand and support with excellence is a perfect match to the needs of the financial services industry.

The benefits of our financial solutions include:

  • Confidentiality of sensitive financial information through proven access control technologies.
  • Compliance with state and government regulations in areas such as PII and PCI.
  • Records management of log retention for use in audits.
  • Cost control or reduction associated with bandwidth utilization.
  • Insight into network activity – including application behavior and potential vulnerability concerns.
  • Prioritization of risk management.
  • Facilitated budget projections.