Higher Education Solutions

Higher learning institutions face unique challenges. These organizations must allow for and facilitate the use of social networking, mobile platforms and video consumption by students and faculty. Key areas of concern include increased demand of content without bandwidth upgrades and securing the delivery of content while operating in a non-standardized environment.

Braxton-Grant is committed to providing practical and expandable solutions to higher education. We leverage our experience with the Department of Defense as well as vendor and industry best practices to enable the higher education community to focus on student and faculty interaction. Our culture of listen, understand and support with excellence is vital to higher education.

The benefits of higher education solutions include:

  • Secure access to student and faculty resources, including enrollment portals and virtual classrooms.
  • Secure and rapid delivery of web-based teacher and student applications, through direct means or via SSL-VPN.
  • Accelerating and prioritizing delivery of content, including online lectures and associated materials for secure remote access by distance education students.
  • Cost control or reduction associated with bandwidth utilization.