What Is Vulnerability Management?

Our Vulnerability management solution allows you to continuously identify, categorize, and remediate technology system security vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management is a critical component of cybersecurity hygiene and it is required by almost every industry by a multitude of regulations and standards.

Prevent Data Breaches Before They Happen

Vulnerabilities are often the Achilles’ heel of an organization. They are the weaknesses that cyber criminals exploit to access sensitive corporate data and disrupt systems. Vulnerability scanning can prevent data breaches and vulnerability management provides a proactive, comprehensive approach to preventing disasters. Vulnerability scanning is a critical part of good IT security hygiene. It is a best practice that any organization that collects, uses or stores sensitive data, should follow.

Managing Vulnerabilities To Meet The Compliance Requirements Of Your Industry

Managing vulnerabilities helps organizations comply with the regulations and standards mandated in almost every industry including:

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A Cost-Effective Vulnerability Scanning Tool That Identifies Weaknesses So They Can Be Addressed Proactively

Our solution is an affordable cloud-based vulnerability management platform with the ability to perform internal and external network scans.

  • Cost-effective Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning Tool That Meets
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Scheduled External & Internal Vulnerability Scans
  • Authenticated Internal Vulnerability Scans
  • Comprehensive Deep Scans (Top 1000 UDP ports, 65k+ TCP ports and
  • Brute force attempts)
  • Low-impact Scans (production time)
  • Leverage Settings To Bypass IPS
  • Custom Scanning Profiles (specific ports)
  • Unlimited Ad Hoc Scans
  • Email Alerts
  • False Positive Management
  • Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures Support
  • Powered by Greenbone

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Simplify Vulnerability Management With Our Affordable Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Let us know how many IPs you need to scan and we will provide you with a remarkably affordable quote. Tiered pricing and other discounted options available.

At Braxton-Grant Technologies, it’s our mission to provide you with a secure, healthy IT environment free from data breaches and cyber threats within your budget. Our vulnerability management services identify and mitigate risks before they become disruptive to your business. We help you determine the frequency of scans and the network adjustments that are necessary to keep your data safe when vulnerabilities are identified. If you’re looking for peace of mind, contact us today for a free cybersecurity consultation.


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