HANOVER, MD, Oct. 12, 2022 — Braxton-Grant Technologies, Inc. and AutomWorx, Inc. announced a strategic partnership to bring Broadcom CA automation to the Broadcom Symantec suite of security products. The partners have developed a groundbreaking integration capability solution between CA Automic Automation and API capable network security products.

The Broadcom CA Automic Automation product suite is the centerpiece providing the orchestration and automation of this innovative initiative. The integration of Automic Automation with Management Center, DLP, ServiceNow, Security Analytics, Secure Access Cloud, Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SES), CloudSOC, Email Security Cloud and WSS allows us to bring workflow automation functionality to benefit cyber security initiatives.

The critical skill shortage of cybersecurity professionals today requires the development of new processes to make existing cybersecurity teams more efficient. The risk of burn-out and simply overwhelming staff with cumbersome daily tasks is a substantial issue for companies.

The need to automate common security tasks has never been more apparent, particularly with the magnitude of increases in the instances of cyber-attacks. The requirement to maximize companies’ limited security resources, allowing personnel to focus on the more complex tasks, has reached a critical point. This partnership assembles leaders in automation and cybersecurity integration. Using the unprecedented approach developed by Braxton-Grant and AutomWorx, common security tasks can be automated to be accomplished during normal business hours or on a custom schedule.

“Allowing companies to automate tasks that can be done during working hours improves the efficiency and responsiveness of an organization,” said Claude Braxton, CTO of Braxton-Grant Technologies. “We are excited about partnering with AutomWorx; we can now expand workflow automation across any security tool with a RESTful API capability.”


About Braxton-Grant Technologies

Braxton-Grant Technologies has over 25 years of experience and a team of certified engineers that design advanced cybersecurity solutions for government agencies, public and private sector organizations. Braxton-Grant provides expertise in every area of networking and cybersecurity, including hardware and software; installation; implementation; support; system management, and cyber technology training. Braxton-Grant architects, integrates, tests, and deploys system and database integration and automation solutions, using processes that have been independently verified by four ISO Quality Certifications. Braxton-Grant cyber engineers are leveraging certified knowledge and the open API of cybersecurity tools to bring workflow automation to cyber security.


About AutomWorx

Founded in 2019, AutomWorx is a fast-growing consulting company specializing in Broadcom CA Automation. Their team of architects and consultants have unparalleled technical expertise in the field of business automation. They provide services to a diverse set of clients, including global enterprises, financial institutions, entertainment and hospitality companies, utilities, and other public sector entities. AutomWorx offers end-to-end software implementation and data migration services, system and database integration solutions, 24×7 extended support, and customized product training to fit each of their client’s unique automation needs.