HANOVER, MD, Apr. 20, 2023 — Braxton-Grant Technologies, Inc. Engineer Authors a Four Part Series About Improving Network Security With Automation on Broadcom Software Blogs/Expert Perspectives

Braxton-Grant Technologies announced that Aileen Kara Hudspeth, Braxton-Grant Technical Director and a Broadcom Knight, has been published as the author of the first of a four-part Broadcom Software Blogs/Expert Perspectives blog series titled, “Improve Your Security Posture with Automation.” Read this informative and insightful article on Broadcom’s blog site here. The next three blogs will feature recommended steps and other insights that can help organizations solve real world problems and streamline operations with network security automation. In the next article in this series, Hudspeth will discuss the first part of the automation journey: Assessment.

As cybersecurity engineer for 20+ years and Broadcom Software Knight since 2013, Hudspeth is a member of Braxton-Grant’s team of engineers, architecting technical solutions for a wide variety of government agencies and industries. Using team’s experience and analytical skills, Braxton-Grant helps organizations solve real-world challenges.


About Braxton-Grant Technologies

Braxton-Grant Technologies has over 25 years of experience and a team of certified engineers that design advanced cybersecurity solutions for government agencies, public and private sector organizations. Braxton-Grant provides expertise in every area of networking and cybersecurity, including hardware and software; installation; implementation; support; system management, and cyber technology training.

Braxton-Grant architects, integrates, tests, and deploys system and database integration and automation solutions, using processes that have been independently verified by four ISO Quality Certifications. Braxton-Grant cyber engineers are leveraging certified knowledge and the open API of cybersecurity tools to bring workflow automation to cyber security. For more information, visit Braxton-Grant Technologies https:/braxtongrant.com.