HANOVER, Md. – August 9, 2023 –Braxton-Grant Technologies was awarded two separate contracts with the Maryland Department of Commerce to perform infrastructure vulnerability scanning services and cybersecurity mitigation/remediation services to various small businesses located throughout the state of Maryland. Both of these projects were awarded under the Small Business Cybersecurity Resilience in Maryland (SCRIM) program.

For the Scanning Services Projects, Braxton-Grant will conduct security scans of existing cybersecurity systems for a number of participating small businesses throughout the State of Maryland. The resulting outputs will include a network analysis, security vulnerability report and risk assessment of the network infrastructure of each of the small businesses. The final deliverable to the individual businesses will be a security assessment that identifies the current “as is” security posture, with associated supporting information that will provide the input for future mitigation activities.

For the Mitigation/Remediation Services Projects, Braxton-Grant will utilize the security assessments developed for the assigned small businesses during the Scanning Services Projects to provide mitigation service recommendations. Support will include installing the highest priority hardware and software, and development and implementation of strategic cyber protection plans for the small businesses’ current and future network infrastructure requirements.

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About Braxton-Grant Technologies

Braxton-Grant Technologies has over 25 years of experience and a team of certified engineers that design advanced cybersecurity solutions for government agencies, public and private sector organizations. Braxton-Grant provides expertise in every area of networking and cybersecurity, including hardware and software; installation; implementation; support; system management, and cyber technology training. Braxton-Grant architects, integrates, tests, and deploys system and database integration and automation solutions, using processes that have been independently verified by four ISO Quality Certifications. Braxton-Grant cyber engineers are leveraging certified knowledge and the open API of cybersecurity tools to bring workflow automation to cyber security.