About the Program

The Maryland Defense Cybersecurity Assistance Program (DCAP) provides funding and assistance for Defense Contractors to comply with the DFARS and NIST 800-171 Standards for cybersecurity, as well as prepare for the upcoming CMMC certification. The program provides funding and resources for Maryland companies to comply with the cybersecurity standards. Funded by the Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) through the Maryland Department of Commerce, the program is being coordinated by the MD MEP.   

Program Benefits  

  • Up to 60% off mitigation costs.   
  • $2,500 grant funding reimbursement for the CMMC Pre-Assessment.  
  • Reported $513,402,088 total retained sales and $155,158,419 total increased sales from client recipients.  
  • Reported total of 3,051 retained jobs and 136 increased jobs from client recipients.   

Grant funding is limited and there is waiting list at this time. Braxton-Grant is an approved provider of Assessment and Remediation Services. If you have interest in the program, we recommend submitting an application to the MD MEP Team as soon as possible  – contact us to assist!  

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