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In this age of COVID-19, when most people are working at home, your network may experience downtime, or slow response time. It’s not unusual for companies to have users who are accessing the network from multiple directions. Users may also have trouble connecting in the first place, or they complain about response time and the ability to work efficiently.

The problem. In most cases, the inability to access the network is usually not a bandwidth issue, but rather a network traffic management issue. Having an intelligent, fully informed partner, knowledgeable in compliance issues as well as PacketShaper technology, is critical. Here’s how Braxton-Grant can help.

As a platinum Symantec cybersecurity partner, with certified, experienced, and cleared PacketShaper engineers, Braxton-Grant would first utilize the application to measure your network performance and view your web traffic in order to reshape new traffic patterns that reflect current use. The process includes:

  • Complete visibility of all traffic and security events with customizable usage and event analytics.
  • Valuable network intelligence information to identify and manage business applications, giving them priority over recreational applications or shadow applications that may be managed and utilized without the knowledge of the enterprise’s IT department, as well as other unsanctioned applications.
  • Ability to identify network issues accurately and rapidly with real-time monitoring and reporting – and with the ability to drill-down to the most granular traffic and threat data.

Why work with Braxton-Grant? We are a platinum, Symantec, cybersecurity partner with certified, cleared PacketShaper engineers that have years of experience in engineering, implementation, mitigation, testing and training. Braxton-Grant Technologies is available to support your transition from the discontinued PacketShaper line of products. Available support includes:

  • Bridge support. Though Symantec will no longer provide upgrades, Braxton-Grant is available for continued technical support, including policy review, troubleshooting, compliance support for network attached devices, and planning for transition.
  • After intense evaluation of options available, our certified engineers selected Allot as the best fit. To that end, Braxton-Grant’s Allot certified engineers can help maximize your transition from PacketShaper to Secure Service Gateway (SSG).

Why Allot? Allot Secure Service Gateway has been designed specifically with business in mind, providing the most efficient combination of analytics, policy enforcement and bandwidth management, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency and quality of experience for all network users.

Looking for a cybersecurity partner? We want to become an extension of your team. Find out how you can take advantage of our deep experience and expertise.