SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) for SonicOS 7

A key issue affecting an organization’s business productivity and employee efficiency today is its ability to respond to dynamic changes in the cyber threat landscape. To build on the knowledge you acquired by completing the SNSA certification, SonicWall presents the SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) for SonicOS 7 course. The SNSP for SonicOS 7 is an expert‐level training and certification program that builds on the enterprise security skills learned in the SNSA course. The SNSP for SonicOS 7 curriculum expands on the topics covered in SNSA for SonicOS 7 and features advanced SonicWall firewall configuration and administration tasks aimed at helping enterprises adapt to dynamic security environments. The new SNSP curriculum includes an enhanced and deeper scope of the SonicOS7 features and functionality, as well as changes in the learning and delivery methodologies, to better balance the professional needs of the students and the business requirements for network and cyber security.

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Learn from people who have experience working in the cybersecurity world. Our professionals can make the implementation and administration processes simple and painless through vendor-specific knowledge, federally authorized training, and personalized student experiences.

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